Weekend Reading: February 6, 2016

Welcome to another cold and frosty February weekend! This is the weekend reading, an listing (with some commentary) of the most interesting and relevant articles, videos, blogs and more from this past week. So in case you were leading a normal life this week, you may have missed some of this, so enjoy a quick catch up…

A very interesting interview from December of 1970 with Martyn Llyod-Jones was sent my way this week, and is still pertinent today. He is addressing the “modern image of man” by a secular reporter. What follows is brilliance. (h/t to my mom!)

A very odd news story from the AP cropped up this week that had several of my friends shaking their heads – turns out that the government will pay you thousands of dollars to stay out of jail! (h/t Marty G.)

The Wall Street Journal has a helpful travel article on ‘The Surprisingly Easy Way to Score a Year of Free Flying’. 

On immigration…The Washington Examiner says, ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’. 

For all of you Downton Abby lovers, you’ll enjoy – Downton Abby meets Star Wars

FYI – this month’s FREE Christianaudio.com title is ‘I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist’.  I haven’t read this book, but I have heard its very good. Although, theologically, I believe Geisler is soteriology backwards, I respect his apologetic abilities, and I hear this books is really interesting.

The one story I wanted to read but didn’t have time: Inside the Sneaker Industry: How NBA Shoe Deals Work. 

Now to the Presidential election, where there was plenty of activity…

HILARIOUS: Colbert has Donald Trump debate himself

NOT Colbert: Donald Trump rolls out the expletives at Portsmouth rally (this is the guy Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsed…still want to send your kids to Liberty?)

Big to-do over Ted Cruz’s “dirty” tactics in Iowa…this is rather unfortunate, it looks like the Cruz campaign deliberately deceived Carson supporters.  Cruz ended up winning the Caucus – results HERE.  I’m not sure how much his tactics really hurt Carson, who ended up actually over-performing his polling expectations.  Besides the Carson issue, Cruz sent controversial mailers in an effort to “shame” voters into turning out to vote on caucus day. 

The week already wasn’t going well for Carson: Ben Carson slashes staff as funds dry up

Turns out that Jeb Bush spent about $2,884 per vote that he received in Iowa...not a great ROI.

Pretty Funny: Top 10 Political Cliches 

Even Funnier –  Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment

In the lead up to the New Hampshire primary election on Tuesday, Trump is resisting staff pleas for increased ground forces and data. Sort of an industry process story, but interesting.

And ‘Candidates try to avoid knockout in N.H.’ 

If you’re living in somewhere NOT named New Hampshire, then you may not have seen the candidate ads (I know, you’re missing out, right?!).  Here’s the best Bush ad (really good), here’s Kasich’s closing argument, Tim Scott on Rubio.  New Carson video on Cruz voicemails in Iowa…

Other items you may have missed…Kasich SNOWBALL FIGHT! AND…Rubio Iowa speech…AND this guy can’t stand Chris Christie!  Kasich: I’d be the worst VP ever!

And finally, some levity thanks to friends in Montana who sent this along earlier in the week:

text me those codes!


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