Weekend Reading: February 13, 2016

Welcome to the Weekend Reading! Sorry this is so late in posting, I was up reading last night way too late!  But it does give me a few good book recommendations for you – if you enjoy a good sermon, if you are interested in C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein and mythology and friendship, and if you’re interested in thinking through Biblical questions systematically with one of the most brilliant minds of the last 100 years.

Now to the stories I read this week…I’m going to jumble this up a little this week…enjoy!

Thanks to my buddy Parris for making sure I saw this TV parody that Ted Cruz put out this week. If you’ve ever seen The Office (the movie), then you’ll appreciate this one. (warning, some language here).

Speaking of language…the NYTimes (of all publications) wrote up an article on how despite the obscene language of Donald Trump, he still draws a significant percentage of the evangelical vote. Will it hurt him in South Carolina?

You may have noticed that scientists just may have proven (?) Einstein’s theory about relativity as it regards space. In other words – to paraphrase my brother Alex – “space is a thing, not just a nothingness…more like water than like air even.”  This obviously has implications – including the possibility that time is a thing, or can be got outside of or (add in smart point that I don’t understand yet).  Here’s a NOVA video I’m told I need to watch to understand this all more. Anyway, this is a big deal…

When you think of all the bowing and sucking up so-to-be-ex-president obama has done with Iran, this will make you absolutely furious. So don’t read it if you’re in a good mood…but still, its a must read at some point!

QUESTION: Should golfers be allowed to wear shorts on the tour? 

Rare Happy Political Story: Forbes has a write up about Greg Gianforte in Montana. In the words of that great Sam Neil character from Hunt for Red October, “I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pickup truck… maybe even a “recreational vehicle.” And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?”

John Kasich won the runner-up status in New Hampshire this week, shocking a lot of politicos who might have been rooting on Chris Christie or something. WaPo had a story about his election night speech. The LA Times says that all the folks who did well in NH shared one quality: Authenticity.

During last Saturday’s debate, Ted Cruz got skewered for how his campaign put out notice (false notice) that Ben Carson had dropped out of the Iowa Caucuses. He then responded with a bunch of gobbledeguk (that is a technical term) essentially blaming it all on CNN…seriously. This is one of the reasons I can’t support this guy, he didn’t just fire those responsible and apologize. Instead you get this awkward “apology” followed by a bunch of excuses. Immediately CNN put out a story detailing how this was incorrect – the title of their story: Ted Cruz is Wrong about CNN’s Reporting.

If you missed the debate, here were Politico’s 11 most explosive moments.  

This was shocking to me: How Google Stole the Work of Millions of Authors. As convenient as Google is, I’d love to see their business crippled and people jailed for this. Hard to imagine such brashness at such a level meeting absolutely no check.

I sort of feel bad for Democrats this year. They’re trying to choose between a socialist and a soon-to-be felon.  The Wall Street Journal has a piece about the socialism of Sanders that I found interesting.

And since you can tell I read a lot of the WSJ this week, indulge me in two more recommendations. 1. Golfers in the Amazon and 2. Basketball’s Jump-Shot Revolution. 

Post-Super Bowl, Al Mohler dissected the outrage from NARAL over that hilarious Doritos commercial. He spends too much time on it, but you’ll get the idea after a minute or two.

During my Bible reading this week, I found this devotional helpful: The Sanctity of Truth.  

Worth a Skim: 5 Things You Can Give to God Every Day. 

Finally, here are three articles I didn’t read this week but will be on MY Saturday reading list!  1. What Ivy League students are reading that you aren’t 2. The Creepy, Mysterious, & Interesting History of Valentines Day 3. Why Did God Create the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

That’s it!  Sorry this was so late in coming, but I hope you enjoy your weekend. I want to leave you with some parts of the sermon from Martyn Llyod-Jones that I was reading last night. It is an exposition of 2 Corinthians 4:17-18…

The difficulty with us is that we are all so immersed in the petty problems of life that we do not see life as a whole. And what this Christian faith gives us is the capacity to see life steadily and to see it whole. I sometimes like to think of the Christian faith as something that takes people up in an airplane or up to the top of a high mountain and enables them to view the whole landscape, the great panorama. Christians have a complete, a perfect, a whole view of life…A Christian is a person who has been justified by faith and has peace with God, a person who stands in grace in Christ Jesus and rejoices in hope of the glory of God. The Christian is someone who has been given a glimpse of eternity.


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